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    Greg Mason,

    Head of Staffing / Talent Manager - Mash Marketing

    We have been able to add a lot of quality to our books. is a perfect opportunity to welcome in the new and touch base with the existing.

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    Brian Wallis,

    National Account Manager for Task Force Group

    After sending a job alert out with SFS within two hours we'd received over 200 email responses from experienced staff.

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Alison's Profile

Experience Summary

Currently in John Lewis,until April 27th,( weekends,)my experience increased sales in Southampton by 50% in 7 days, including 4K LED's. prior to This i was working on Acer.The agency were so impressed by my demonstrating skills they offered me more money for less hours,So great to get the recognition. .I love learning about new technologies.I have over 15 years eperience, dealing in the public sector. Daily rates start at £120. Sklin Care trained with Clarins, Chanel, Clinique. Personal Development with Daniel Wagner.Also experienced with social media. Love Sailing, Travel, Horse Riding. PB2,Feng Shui,Interior Design, Horseriding. Property Developer. Skills include presenting to camera,Trained by Gemma Hunt,from cebeebies. interviewed sports personalities,and celebritites.Actingworkshops by John Walker. Linked in Ali Rennie Skype Ali.rennie1 Pinterest View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

Experienced in social Media. I enjoy presenting,to camera, Internet Based,interviews, with high profile people within the sailing industry. event managing,and motivating team, to achieve targts


Other Skills

Nutrition, Feng Shui, Taco licence, Towing eperience


First language: 

Extra Information

  • Airport Passholder

    not currently.Experienced at Heathrow and Gatwick.

  • Chef

    Marks and Spenser.

  • Costume and Character

    Peppa pig, Endeavour for BBc. Downton Abbey, Iron Lady.

  • Credit Card Trained

    American Express. LLoyds TSB.

  • Demonstration

    Cosmetics and Make up at Heathrow and Gatwick Airports Also drinks and cigarettes Krups for John lewis, Dec 2010.Highest sales for U.K

  • Event Management

    Tropicana at Henley,.Taking clients on to The London Eye.....towing a trailer, setting up a warburtons stand rigging.. sampling bread, positioning staff in the bread aisle, and foyer.Encouaging customer. competition and distrubuting coupons for 50p off bread. 75 % uplift. sold out of two major lines. never happpened before. Client over the moon. Nigel my husband, helped with event ,..Received BA of the month with Because Experiential Marketing in May 2011

  • Exhibitions

    Earls Court, ICC

  • Fragrance / Counter Cover

    Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton airports. Clarins, Chanel, Clinique BULGARI, DUNHILL

  • In-store / Store approved

    John Lewis Boots

  • Merchandising

    Yes,Travel Trade.

  • Modelling

    London Fashon Week, various Catwalk shows, Photographic work for T.V

  • Mystery Shopping


  • Rigging

    Warburtons, Kronenbourg

  • Sales

    NTL, Panasonic, Acer. QSD propertys in Alicante

  • Sampling

    Warburtons, Innocent, Alpro soya yoghurts. Bertolli, Bulmers Crisp Blend

  • Van Sales


  • Acting

    W.E directed by Madonna 2010 Cemetry Junction directed by Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant Vicks Medinite Commercial

  • Bar Person


  • Car Driving License

    Taco licence Experienced in Towing and rigging

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    Very experienced

  • CRB

    yes 2009

  • Health / Hygiene Cert


  • Make Up Artist

    Chanel, Clarins. IHBC Make up and Manicure

  • Own Transport

    Yes ford Focus

  • Public Speaking

    Corporate Events, co hosting and introducing speakers

  • Qualifications

    IHBC Male up and Manicure PB 2 course, Cake making


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