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    Victoria Holland,

    Office Manager, Gen-x it Ltd

    I found the service very easy to use, and it took all of the hard work out of finding promotion staff. Saved me a lot of time. Very convenient to have agencies email pitches/quotes through to my email. We decided ... read more.

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    Emma Burden,


    Lots of quality staff.

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Marco's Profile

Experience Summary

I feel very confident with my “can do” attitude and my passion for helping others. I am a self motivate as well as money orientated, good to work as part of a team or under my own initiative. I am always willing to complete the given task. After exploring few different industries like hospitality, catering and retails, I have desired to cultivate my career in new media, marketing and public relations. Find attached a copy of my Resume and please don’t hesitate to call if you have quires. View my contact details, availability, and stats.



Other Skills

confident, self motivated, Organizational, communication and problem solving, good numeracy skills. Customer services and client awareness. Research skills, Creative, attentive, dedicated, quick learner, flexible, adaptable, management skills, multicultural Sensitivity and awareness.


First language: Spanish

Extra Information

  • Conferences

    receptionist, scanner for IGE (international gaming exposition)

  • Costume and Character

    Dressing as terry bear for charming toilet tissue. IRN BRU Costume Character one stop solicitars Adult Swim Chiken Robots

  • Data Capture

    collecting data for relentless energy drink shoot, then uploading such data to a microsite directed to head office .

  • Demonstration

    demonstrating HP laptops at Currys super store, Kodak printers at PC world city London, Guitar Hero II in Manchester Traford Centre.Dell Note books, Panasonic CS Cameras, Sonos HiFi wireless sound systems.

  • Hospitality

    Server for the Livingroom, the living adventures ltd. Bartenter at the Radison Edwardians Manchester

  • Installation

    Punch Drunk Manchester part of Manchester international festival, i was part of the production team

  • Leafleting

    for different venues around Manchester. also for varies different campaigns such as Co-Op advertizing campaign . adult swim.,just eat, vision express.

  • Roadshows

    monster energy drink

  • Sales

    singing up new clients for a Gym in Manchester.

  • Sampling

    sampling monster energy drinks, Relentless shots, Irn BRU.

  • Technology

    Game consoles, Notebooks, Laptops, CS Cameras, Adudio systems, televisions.

  • Bar Person

    work over 3 years as bartender (partime)m here in the Uk and over 2 years in the States, places such as New York and Miami.

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    consoles laptops word proccesor multimedia editting software internet data base spread shitt

  • Public Speaking

    promoting student activities, clubs and societies and eviromental campaigns while my time at university

  • Roller Skating / Blading

    roller blade for over 3 years

  • Qualifications

    2008-2012. Manchester Metropolitan University. B.A (Hons) Film and Media studies with a year work experience in the industry: Music journalism and video production. Modules included: • Photography: images, narrative, culture and capture • Film Process of production: Including an eight mints documentary and a creative music mockumentary inspire from local Manchester Band • Advertising: Youth culture, subculture, consumerism and identity • Photo journalism: media impact, youth representation: conformity and transgression.


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