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I am outgoing, bubbly and good with people. Having been in very diverse sales and marketing roles means that I am confident and not afraid of being put on the spot and selling anything off the cuff. I ride racehorses, hold a degree in philosophy and am an avid reader. I have a good command of several languages. View my contact details, availability, and stats.




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Extra Information

  • Costume and Character

    Have worked as an extra and actress in several London gigs.

  • Credit Card Trained

    have worked in sales and retail, trained to use credit cards by default

  • Data Capture

    Worked part time for a london based university categorising and sub categorising several university courses as well as inputting students data etc

  • Demonstration

    Have done several exhibitions and demonstrations for within technologies namely TCT conference

  • Exhibitions

    See above

  • Hospitality

    Have worked in several bar and restaurant roles worldwide as well as working as a card dealer/croupier in casinos throughout the world

  • Leafleting

    Have done flyering and leafletting work in London

  • Merchandising

    Worked as a merchandiser in Pick n Pay South Africa

  • Modelling

    Have worked as a model and dancer throughout the world. Have modelled for big brand Levis and worked as a dancer at Stringfellows London

  • Presenting

    Worked as a junior presenter on turf online. A horse racing channel in South Africa

  • Sales

    Have done many sales roles throughout the world. Too many to mention here.

  • Technology

    Work part time as a marketing manager for Within Technologies from 2009 to present

  • Acting

    Have worked with the Collings twins and many other artists doing various acting roles

  • Car Driving License

    Have a valid uk license which I have held for over 7 years

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    am very able in most areas

  • First Aid Certificate

    I did a first aid course when I was 21 (although the certificate has probably expired) I also trained as a veterinary nurse.

  • Motorcycle License

    I have a license to ride bikes of up to 150cc

  • Own Transport

    I have the use of my own vehicle

  • Public Speaking

    I have no problem speaking to large crowds

  • Qualified Dancer

    have worked as a dancer in stringfellows for 5 years, I am well versed in all areas of dance and ballet

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