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I am a keen tennis player with qualifications to coach groups and children, I love keep fit and I am passionate about movies arranging movie night/quizzes around this. I am an extremely hard worker with a strong work ethos and excellent people skills always over exceeding targets set also building great customer relationships with most people I come across. View my contact details, availability, and stats.



Other Skills

I have had many years of experience in sales/management/promotions with an excellent reputation. I am extremely organised and have excellent motivation skills with an ability to pick something up very quickly.


First language: English

Extra Information

  • Assistant Event Manager

    Motor Shows for Landrover 2008

  • Auditing

    Mars Audit 2010

  • Conferences

    Business Conference for Microsoft 2010

  • Costume and Character

    Miss Santa Claus 2010

  • Credit Card Trained

    MBNA 2008-2009

  • Data Capture

    Debenhams, Nom Dairy 2010-2011

  • Demonstration

    Kraft, Nom, Mars, Electrolux 2010

  • Event Management

    Boxing Shows Albany Hotel, Glasgow 2005 Ski Show S.E.C.C. 2006 Roadshows Landrover 2009

  • Exhibitions

    Motor Shows, Birmingham, Glasgow Pub & Club Shows Earls Court, London & Glasgow Ideal Homes Show, Glasgow

  • Fragrance / Counter Cover

    Gucci Fragrance Glasgow & Edinburgh Airports 2008 -2009

  • Hospitality

    Football Matches in London at Chelsea Ground 2006

  • Installation

    Sky Installations selling packages direct at tradeshows 2007 - 2011

  • In-store / Store approved

    Impulse, GSK, Kraft, Nom Dairy 2005 - 2011

  • Leafleting

    Debenhams, Warsteiner, Guinness 2004 - 2011

  • Merchandising

    GSK, Kraft, Electrolux, Camelot etc 2005 - 2011

  • Modelling

    Catwalk Fashion shows Astral Sports 2006 BHS Photo Shoot & Fashion Shows 2004 - 2010 Personality Promotions i.e. Boxing Matches, Photo shoots, drinks promos etc.

  • Mystery Shopping

    Orangina, Apple, Sky etc 2009 - 2010

  • Presenting

    Fashion Show Compere & Beauty Competion Compere 2009 - 2010

  • Roadshows

    BHS Landrover Warsteiner 2004 - 2010

  • Sales

    Key Account Executive Warsteiner BIER 2000 - 2005 Regional Field Sales Manager Bacardi 2005 - 2007 Sales Development Executive Nom Dairy 2010 - 2011

  • Sampling

    Warsteiner, Nom, Kraft etc 2004 - 2011

  • Technology

    Apple, Sky, Electrolux demonstrations to various stores in Ayrshire 2011

  • Van Sales

    Selling Bacardi Breezer throughout Newcastle to all independent stores 2005

  • Acting

    Local theatre group

  • Car Driving License


  • Computer Skills (Novice)


  • Own Transport


  • Public Speaking

    Many presentations done during my career

  • Roller Skating / Blading

    Very competent ice skater

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