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Victoria's Profile

Experience Summary

I went to University and worked in London as a Medical Technician for 5 years. As a hobby I was DJing and this developed into me getting gigs at the weekend and eventually being offered a residency in Ibiza. I decided to leave my job in 2001 and have worked every summer in Ibiza ever since, play all over the world and I do promotional work in between. I have also recently set up my own business with my partner which involves filming of music events, and we own a couple of media related websites. I enjoy swimming, I attend the gym regularly, ran 5km for Race for Life and 10Km on the GMR and raised £1100 for Cancer Research and £1600 for Diabetes UK respectively. I am also currently learning how to speak Spanish. I spend a fair amount of time on computers and can use most Microsoft office programs and a variety of music programs. I also hold a full driving licence and own a car. View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

I have managed promotion and flyering teams and parades for nearly ten years in Ibiza. Work has included flyering campaigns, dressing parade girls, managing the parades, general advertising of the club nights including tickets sales, poster distribution, liasing with tour operators and club promoters, and general work on the night of the events.


Other Skills

I have also ran my own dance music events both in the UK and Ibiza and have organised Teams of PRs. Other jobs I have had over the years include Sales assistant, waitressing, kitchen work, nannying


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Extra Information

  • Conferences

    I have been an O2 Angel at O2 conferences

  • Costume and Character

    I had to wear a Hawaian Tropical Outfit for a campaign to advertise Coop Travel. I did a campaign where I had to dress and act like a Pompous Banker for HSBC and also for Lindt where I was dressed as a chocolatier chef.

  • Data Capture

    I worked on Data Capture for Lloyds TSB where customers had to give their details with the prospect of winning a holiday. I also did a campaign for Suzuki whereby I had to collect information and operate a PDA, and collect customer information for a Which Energy Campaign about switching energy suppliers.

  • Demonstration

    I was involved in demonstrating the iPhone during an iPhone launch campaign at O2 Stores

  • Event Management

    I managed an event where Powerisers (Stiltwalkers and jumpers) were used to advertise CoOp travel. I also supervised a team for the iPhone Launch at O2 stores

  • Exhibitions

    I have worked on stands at machinery exhibitions basically talking to people and making sure they were looked after until an expert was available

  • Fragrance / Counter Cover

    I worked on the Maybelline counter in Superdrug encouraging customers to buy 3 Maybelline products and enter a Maybelline competition

  • Hospitality

    As above for Exhibitions and Conferences (O2 Angel and various others. Also Virgin whereby I was involved in a Velentines Day promotion and Aldi store openings where we acted as hostesses serving sweets and drinks.

  • Installation

    Installation of stands for Cough / Cold sweets, Red Bull, Christmas Magazine stands and a large stand for Fairy Dishwasher tablets

  • In-store / Store approved

    I recently did a campaign for Max Factor in Boots stores where I had to be store approved. I have worked in Boots stores on several other campaigns also including L'Oreal, Thermacare and Vicks. I have also worked in Argos stores in stock rooms for compliance campiagn and have worked in several Asda stores on sampling and general promotional campaigns.

  • Leafleting

    Several campaigns including Orange Mobile phones, O2 mobile phones, WH Smith Foo Go Launch, W H Smith Book Sales, Pantene, Tissues, Aldi, iPhone, Sony Eriksson, Lloyds TSB, CoOp and many many more.

  • Merchandising

    I have worked on 16 seperate campaigns for O2 airtime which involve placing POS and educating staff in store about airtime promotions. I have also merchandised Christmas magazines, DVD launches, sennheisser headphones, red bull, cough sweets, holiday brochures, B &Q decorating products, Maybelline Make Up, and I worked on the ID smart campaign whereby I was involved in Educating a range of businesses on the National Identity Cards

  • Modelling

    I have modelled for some holiday catalogues

  • Presenting

    I have presented radio shows and done Audio work for AXA insurance

  • Rigging

    I've helped rig and dig-rig stands for Timberland, Cadbury's Easter Egg hunts and also for Animee beer sampling. All required packing down marquee's, stands and internal fittings.

  • Roadshows

    I recently worked on the Timberland roadshow which involved getting the public to participate in various activites which in turn promoted Timberland products. Also involved helping to set up the stand.

  • Sales

    I have previously worked in a number of shops including grocery, clothes and watch stores. I have also done several campaigns getting people to sign up to cards including Homebase Loyalty Card Subscriptions, Homes and Gardens magazine subscriptions and The Mall Loyalty Cards. I have worked on Car Sales for Suzuki and also to encourage people to by Maybelline products in Superdrug stores. I recently did a campaigns for Colmans Season and Shake and Pedigree which both involved upselling directly from the store.

  • Sampling

    Many seperate campaigns including Pantene Shampoo, Thermacare, Olbus Tissues, Kleenex, Vicks, Kellogs Cereal Bars, Fairy Dishwasher Tablets, Slate 20 Drinks, LOreal Hair Products, Low Salt Foods, Sky Marshamallow packs, Ryvita and Animee Beer. I also cooked and sampled potatoes on the shop floor in Asda.

  • Technology

    I've done various launches for the iphone and other mobiles including Galaxy and Samsung.

  • Bar Person

    Have worked in several bars and pubs as a bar maid and waitress

  • Car Driving License

    Have been driving 20 years and own my own car. No points and no accidents

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    I can use easily Word, Excel, and other office programs as well as music programs including Soundforge, Nero, Mixmeister etc

  • CRB

    I had a CRB check to work on the Government Campaign for the new National Identity card - this came back completely clear and I have the certificate

  • Own Transport

    I own my own car

  • Qualifications

    MSc Medical Microbiology BSc Biology


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