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My strong academic background has put me in a good position since leaving school as I initially completed a course in Graphic Design, where I learnt how to carry out professional presentations, generate ideas using various visual methods and how to speak in front of groups of people in a clear descriptive manor. Since College I have completed a BA Hons Degree in Town & Country Planning, completed a Masters Degree and studied an International Masters in Spatial Planning in Stockholm, Sweden. I have a good range of work experience as have worked in catering, being a ski chalet host, club promoter in and outside the clubbing scene, had telesales experience and worked in key positions within local government. I have modelled for a number of hair dressers in and around the midlands area in my spare time. I have a strong outgoing personality with a broad range of interests and hobbies. I play a lot of football, enjoy going to the gym, going snowboarding, climbing and generally seeking adventure wherever possible. I also like to listen to music and occasionally enjoy visiting art galleries, theatrical performances and comedy shows. View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

I would consider myself to have an outgoing personality, can understand basic French and Swedish. Well educated, presentable, very approachable, good negotiator and quick thinker. Have worked in public sector for last 2 and a half years, but am looking in to getting some more marketing experience where I can use some of the natural business flare. I have carried out work throughout my career (more when I was a student) in the industry. After growing up in a city such as Birmingham, spending time in France and studying abroad in Sweden, I feel the experiences have enriched my overall knowledge, cultural experiences and ability to accept people of all backgrounds and beliefs. The ability to communicate, interact and achieve mutual goals is a talent that takes time to build up and one that I feel I am already accomplished at doing. I have always had strong sporting interests outside work and continue to play semi professional football while enjoying hiking, snowboarding, swimming and golf in my spare time.


Other Skills

Along with the work experience mentioned above I have also gained valuable experience through other positions of employment such as working as a Chalet Host at 18 years of age in France, which I ran a 12 bed chalet and learnt to cook, maintain a time management program, clean and maintain a financial account. This taught me vital skills I have used throughout my employment and social life such as organisation, decision making and working/living in an environment which was sometimes difficult as I always had to provide a professional level of service whether I liked someone or not. Another position I have undertook was working as a cashier at a bookmakers while at university, this also taught me how to deal with difficult and compromising situations while having to collect money and place bets in often busy periods placed at various locations around Birmingham. My experience in dealing the Building Schools for the future proposal in the Stevenage Area is an example where I have had to liaise with a number of bodies in order to provide an initial screening opinion on the proposals for the eight different schools. This is an example of where I have experience of partnership working with other governmental bodies and local authorities, working directly with Environmental Impact Asessment processes and procedures for major development proposals including assessing, evaluating and advising on such matters.


First language: English

Extra Information

  • Assistant Event Manager

    Acted as a cover for managers in a range of positions, and am a naturally strong team leader with bags of enthusiasm, energy and the will to suceed in adverse environments.

  • Costume and Character

    Previously worked in a night club in Birmingham, promoting Smirnoff Ice and was the camera man beaming live to a main screen on a number of occasions.

  • Event Management

    Worked as a volunteer at the European Indoor Athletics Championships in Birmingham, where I was in charge of 8 people registering athletes on arrival and escorting them up to the performing arena.

  • Exhibitions

    Worked at the NIA for a Fire & Security Company, promoting new and sophisticated fire and surveilance technology.

  • Hospitality

    Previously spent 7 months working as a Chalet Host for Crystal Ski company in the French Alps, I ran a Chalet for guests of up to 12 people.

  • Leafleting

    Worked for Relentness Boardmasters which is an annual surf and music festival in the UK and Godskitchen promotions.

  • Modelling

    Done work for some small hairdressing companies when I was student in Birmingham. Also helped out an upcoming Swedish jean designer when living in Stockholm put together a brochure.

  • Mystery Shopping

    Did two trips as a mystery shopper, one to a Bookmakers and one to a we ll known restaurant chain.

  • Presenting

    Helped present a student radio station when at University to cover someone when they were sick. Discussed student forum topics and local issues.

  • Roadshows

    Worked for Relentness Boardmasters which is an annual surf and music festival in the UK and Godskitchen promotions.

  • Sales

    Previously worked for a window company, carrying out survey and cold calling for 8 months

  • Bar Person

    Have previously worked behind a bar

  • Car Driving License

    Yes, clean licence with no points or outstanding issues

  • Computer Skills (Advanced)

    Yes, can use excel, word, photoshop, GIS

  • CRB

    No previous criminal convictions

  • Own Transport

    Yes, own a car

  • Public Speaking

    Spoken at numerous Public Planning Committees and presented highly controversial Planning Applications in front of large amounts of people.

  • Roller Skating / Blading

    Can roller blade as previously had rollerblades as a teenager and did extreme rollerblading

  • Qualifications

    BA Hons degree in Town Planning, MSc Property Development, BTEC National Diploma in Graphic Design, 9 GCSE's


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