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I am a trained actor and have had the pleasure of working from Edinburgh to Austria and lots of places in between on a variety of projects ranging from Joan Rivers' VIP chaperone to Shakespeare's Macbeth. As well as acting I have extensive experience in experiential marketing as a brand ambassador/team leader/tour manager for clients including Playstation3, Accenture and Warner Bros. I am individually motivated, however, also great within a team out in the field or equally at project development level in the office. View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

As an actor my personal relation skills are an advantage. I have also been a relationship account manager for a management consultancy focusing on new business development.


Other Skills

Learnt to stilt walk for a production at Birmingham REP.


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Extra Information

  • Costume and Character

    For Resistance 2 Launch I was Lieutenant Harris at the helm of a 16 man team providing an experieince akin to the game at a custom styled venue built within a store in Leicester Square. For Killzone 2 Launch, I was a Helghast soldier at the secret party for online gamers who belonged to the community at Vue Cinema, Leicester Square. For Killzone 2 Mobile Training Facility (UK Tour-Tour Manager) I was Commander Johnson in charge of a 7 man team providing an environmental gaming experience for consumers in order to raise awareness of the title within the community..

  • Demonstration

    In-store work for Playstation3 on key titles including Little Big Planet(launch Campaign), Killzone 2 (Launch Campaign inc. UK Tour of Training Facility-Tour Manager), Resistance 2 (Launch Campaign) plus many other titles for that platform. Demonstrated LBP to "Quantum of Solace" investors at their private screening at the Barbican, London.. I have also worked with the PSP platform on last year's "Summer of PSP" campaign aimed at 3-16 year olds. For Accenture's 2009 Graduate Recruitment scheme I managed a 4 man team and liased with Accenture rep's to provide an experience at 20 Tier 1 universities around the nation in order to attract candidates for their scheme. Feedback to the office/client , running of asset and liason with both consumer and on-site client reps where paramount in my duties as well as the mangement of staff in their specific roles.

  • Event Management

    Have lead teams on projects for Accenture, Warner Bros and Playstation3. All tours where national. I am currently leading a team on the launch of LEGO Harry Potter for Warner Bros on a national tour.

  • Exhibitions

    Worked as Team Leader of a 4 man team for Warner Bros (Games Division) at GameFest09 Trade Fair. Our role was to provide experience, on a custom made asset, for Game/Gamestation representatives on upcoming Warner titles in order to enthuse and educate the staff for front line delivery to consumers. My role was to overlook the staff, who delivered the experience on site making sure that all key messages where stated and that the experience ran to optimum. I was also providing feedback to both the Head at Warner Bros and to Amplify who employed the promotional staff.

  • Leafleting

    Focused leaflet experience for Accenture at Tier 1 universities nationally to promote an upcoming Graduate Recruitment scheme which I was also tour managing. Also, Slimming World door to door for me mum!

  • Presenting

    At Playstation's "3rooms" (a hospitality venue which has now ceased to exist) I helmed competition events for the corporate clients who had hired the space for functions.

  • Roadshows

    Killzone 2, Accenture, Raisley for Discovery Foods, LEGO Harry Potter for Warner Bros and Medal of Honor 2010 for EA Games have all been roadshows I have worked on as a BA and also Event Manager.

  • Sampling

    Anything from handing out chocolate to providing gaming experience for consumers to sample in key London stores. Recent sampling promotion for the Daily Telegraph across various Tesco Stores including Hertford and Aylesbury. Most recent campaign was for the Smirnoff Flavours Promotion. Team leader across 4 bars encouraging the sampling of the product, liasing with the venue and Smirnoff Champions and providing feedback to the client.

  • Acting

    Fully trained actor who has worked nationally and internationally from Birmingham REP with Matthew Kelly to Vienna and Italy.

  • Bar Person

    Worked for Playstation in their corporate hospitality venue "£rooms" and at Harlow Town Football Club.

  • Car Driving License

    Full clean license. Keen race driver too who will be completing his National B Competition Licence later this year.

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    Hold an NVQ2 in IT

  • CRB

    Checked last year as part of the remit for working on the "Summer of PSP" tour. Issued on 01 July 2009

  • Own Transport

    Own my own small vehicle

  • Public Speaking

    Have worked on events around England as an entertainment provider which involved speaking to a captive audience.

  • Qualifications

    NVQ2 in IT MA in Acting BADC Stage Combat Qualified


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