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Love Sailing Walking and real ale! spend most of my time and money on boats, I hold three Guinness World records and I love a challenge. View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

I am an accomplished face and body painter, Clown and Balloon modeller


Other Skills

Experienced sailor, own three dinghies and one trailer sailor, can ride to a good level, used to wrangling, dogs, most farm animals, and birds.


First language: English

Extra Information

  • Assistant Event Manager

    I have extensive experience working for a variety of brands in store and in travelling exhibitions, used to working long hours in strange places and managing a large team of staff,

  • Conferences

    I have helped organise Three conferences for the entertainment industry and ran four conferences, with over 200 attendees

  • Costume and Character

    I have worked as a character and as a minder in many many shopping centres, I am that Easter Bunny!

  • Data Capture

    Shopping malls and supermarkets, gathering data for a large amount of companies, I find it easy to approach people and extract the information needed.

  • Demonstration

    Tons of demonstrations, everything from Salmon to DIY products

  • Event Management

    I managed a Touring German Beer Festival with 26 staff, scheduling work rota's managing deliveries and costings, ensuring costumes and equipment were cleaned sorted and packed for the next venue. training staff, organising security, and helping in the massive construction of the beer tents each week. I have been on tour with Peugeot, Disney, Toytown and recently organised the entertainers for two national projects. Most managed? 14 week project for BAA 28 staff in 6 locations two shifts per day

  • Exhibitions

    Shift/team leader at many NEC/nationsl shows and events, used to working 24?7 at take in take out and motivating and training staff for stands.

  • Hospitality

    These days more backroom and organiser, but have covered every position in hospitality over the years,

  • Installation

    I have been responsible for the 'take in/out' of many exhibitions, ensuring stands etc are constructed and packed and sent onto the next location safely and securely

  • Leafleting

    I have leafleted extensively, from match days to shopping centres

  • Merchandising

    I have worked in many stores I enjoy the jigsaw that is Pos. And have a good rapport with shop staff

  • Mystery Shopping

    For most of the major supermarkets, several national chain restaurants, individual companies and

  • Presenting

    In my area's of speciality, Sailing, Horse riding and entertainment, I have presented several large races, and events

  • Rigging

    as Manager of a touring German Beer Festival I took an active role in the construction /logistics of a massive marquee, stage, lighting and Electricity/Water/gas supplies on a different site every week for nine months.

  • Roadshows

    Pergeot Strongbow Red bull. Mobility

  • Sales

    Craft, Christmas Sales and Wrapping

  • Technology

    I keep up to date and am an active user of most technologies, I find them easy to understand and explain. I have worked demonstrating computers play stations, remote controls heating and lighting home systems

  • Acting

    Worked over 30 years in a variety of roles, I am happy making it up as I go along, working to a tight script and anywhere in-between...

  • Bar Person

    I managed a touring German beer festival, responsible for all area's of bar management, including serving!

  • Car Driving License

    Full clean licence for 28 years, used to towing and loading, huge experience in towing, large vans, 4 wheel drive and crew buses. Clean licence.

  • Computer Skills (Advanced)

    Extensive understanding and use of PC's, hold the ECDL and teach silver surfers on a voluntary basis, can mail merge, spread sheet, and use photoshop, and have worked with film and photography teams.

  • CRB


  • Face Painting

    I hold three Guinness world records for Face Painting, accomplished painter who teaches on an international level

  • First Aid Certificate

    Current workplace certificate

  • Own Transport

    Picassa Zara and 8' 4' trailer a dinghy Trailer, tow hitch and insurance

  • Public Speaking

    I have spoken at many black tie dinners, as Commodore of our sailing club, spoken at many schools youth clubs etc, and twice run special interest classes on cruise ships

  • Qualifications

    The usual smattering of O levels, recent ECDL and have taught, Circus skills and Creative Writing at night school


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