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I am an interesting character, whose life has had many unusual twists and experiences, much of them in my professional life. I have been involved in the 'Industry' for 9 years, and have had plenty of involvement across the board in terms of the different sub-genres of promotions - sampling, event managing, merchandising, presenting, rigging, mystery shopping, acting, photography/filming, reporting etc etc. I still appreciate the freedom this worklife gives me, so that I am able to persue my interests of music production, sport and travel at will, and yet I think I still retain a great enthusiasm after so long, perhaps because I manage to balance things so well. View my contact details, availability, and stats.




First language: English

Extra Information

  • Costume and Character

    Presenting in costume and character - Sony Ericsson - various Costume character - Alpro 2006

  • Demonstration

    Presenting/Acting with technical demonstrations - Microsoft - 2006

  • Event Management

    8 Years of various campaigns, CocaCola, Alpro, Sony Ericsson, Lynx, Tate& Lyles, Ryvita, Smirnoff Ice, Fosters & Kronenbourg, Swatch to name a few

  • Leafleting

    I have event managed some leafleting campaigns, although I am not interested in this type of work anymore.

  • Merchandising

    Disney 2005, Smirnoff Ice 2006, Desperados beer2006/7,

  • Modelling

    Catalogue work, Library shots, lookalike photoshoots.

  • Mystery Shopping

    Sainsburys Instore

  • Presenting

    Diet Coke film fest 2006, UCB Pharma (long-term quiz presenter) 2004/8, Swatch - 2007, Sony ericsson, 2005-7, etc

  • Rigging

    Stand Rigger for Communique, various 2007/8, Rigging all manner of stands/promotional sites for campaigns Ihave event managed

  • Sales

    Games Room Company 2008, Tate &Lyle 2007

  • Sampling


  • Technology

    Demonstrating Microsoft's latest technology, LifeSquared 2006-7

  • Acting

    Acted since childhood. Both Amateur and Professionally. Film, Stage, TV, Advertising.

  • Bar Person

    Plenty of Barwork as a student

  • Car Driving License

    Clean, held since 1992

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    I use computers for (usually) several hours a day - for music production, Internet, Communication, Word Processing etc

  • First Aid Certificate

    St John's

  • Motorcycle License

    Full, Held since 2006

  • Own Transport

    Car and Moped

  • Public Speaking

    As part of presenting work. Dept of Education 2007, Store openings for Kwiksave 2006, Sony Ericsson 2005-6

  • Roller Skating / Blading

    Able skater.

  • Qualifications

    3 x A-Level Geology Bsc (Imperial College)


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