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I have been modeling, acting, presenting and dancing for many years now and have a keen passion in all areas. I have been involved in many Exhibitions and Awards all over; NEC, Wembley Arena/ Stadium, Earls Court, Olympia, Alexandre Palace, Docklands Excel. Being in the industry has enabled me to do promotional work. I love the excitment and hype including the challenge over the 3 or 2 day event. As well as having fun it is important to be professional and able to convey the right image for the brand who are introducing themselves to new clients. My presenting skills have been made use of for exhibitions and marketing brands as I have confidence to speak in public and maintain a bubbly atmosphere, staying in touch with the audience. Also I have immense creative skills so am willing to be hands on projects or branding if need be. I am aware of the importance in Promotional work and the tough environment it can become. When taking a project on board my 100% commitment will be given. View my contact details, availability, and stats.




First language: English

Extra Information

  • Demonstration

    GHD's, in Debenhams oxford street 2005, demonstarting the different ways to use GHD's and it's products for hair care. Also did Henna demo for World's fastest Henna artist 2004, and make-up demo's 05.

  • Event Management

    I have had to manage many events from organising the venue to catering and publicity ect. I managed the new make-up range for Lancome Bafta event day Jan '05, Fenwick Brentcross, part of Zee carnival

  • Hospitality

    Hospitality event was with India's Indepence at Trafalgar Sq with Ken Livingston standing by his side 2005 and The Sun press launch with John Ross 2003. Bombay Brassier India High Commission 2004.

  • In-store / Store approved

    I have been store approved by Liberty 2001, Selfridges & Co 2001, House of Fraser 2004 and Debenhams 2005. Some of my event managment has lead for store approval ie Fenwicks Brent Cross.

  • Leafleting

    I have had event leafleting experience where promo staff have been hired for an Exhibition to leaflet with no stand and in store leafleting for Lancome's Gift with Products at Debenhams 2005

  • Modelling

    Catwalks Shows for exhibitions 2000 - 2008, Modeling for exhibitions stands, catalogue/ brochure modeling, promo modeling 2006, magazines, front covers 2004, commercials 2005-2006, music video 2003.

  • Mystery Shopping

    Mystery shopping for Damini's an Indian Clothing brand launched their store in 2000. Also did some mystrey shopping for Max Mara 1999.

  • Presenting

    I have prensented for all British Asian channels on Sky - B4U 2008, ZEE TV 2002, Sony TV 2006-2007, Kidha.TV 2005 and have prensented a live interactive show on a 6 month contract Vectone TV 2004.

  • Sales

    Counter slaes for Brands such as DKNY, Max Mara, Armani 2000, promotional sales for Lancome and Store Promotions ie store cards 2005, Exhibitions sales - selling branded products 2006 tele slaes 2004

  • Sampling

    Sampling products for Lancome, new product has samples for customers to try but before handing out samples show them how it works and link existing products 2005.

  • Acting

    I have been acting since 15 yrs old, Drama GCSE qualifies and A level performing arts. I was excepted in RADA summer 1998. Acted in Indian serials- India and UK and acted in Bolly film. BBC documentry

  • Car Driving License

    I have had my licence since 1998 and love driving. I have developed some cool driving skills throughout my driving years and have had to drive show room cars for promo purposes and in music videos '04

  • Face Painting

    As a make-up artist i have been able to be as creative as possible with no limits my best experience has been doing Drag Queen make-up for shows in soho - a challenge within it self and panto make-up

  • Make Up Artist

    A make-up artist since 2005, Lancome Head Make-Up artist at events, roadshows, Baftas, Trained by Gucci Westmen (Creator of Lancome Makeup, Celeb Artist) and Maria Louise (Victoria Beckham's artist)

  • Own Transport

    I have a car and can also ride a Bicycle ( have a licence for that too). My car is VW Polo 2002 and is a dardk stone grey colour very smart looking.

  • Public Speaking

    I have had to educate a class of 20 for dance and a class of 8 for make-up, hosted events and awards on stage and promoted bolly areobics at exhibitiond with headsets to get the public involved 2004

  • Qualified Dancer

    A level Performing Arts in 1998 at Edware High School 6th Form, training in contemporary dancing and Street theatre, 1995 trained in Indian Classical dancing and now a professional Bollywood Dancer.

  • Qualifications

    A level Performing Arts for contemporary dancing. Certified Make-up Artist Hair Certification by SAKS HAIR Qualified Driver


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