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•Recently worked on the Olympic Torch Relay with Coca Cola and at the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics Games with Cisco - two of the biggest promotions and experiences to ever happen in my life. •Currently studying a one year top-up course in ‘Service Sector Management’ to finish my degree and further my studies at Nottingham Trent University. - Punctual and clean cut – providing the right image for clients and brand. - Confident, fun, friendly and honest. - Well suited to promoting different brands and raising awareness. - Enthusiastic and happy to work alone or as part of a team. View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

Foundation degree in: Hospitality Management - Pubs/Clubs/Nightclubs


Other Skills

BIIAB Level 2 National Certificate for Personal License


First language: English

Extra Information

  • Airport Passholder

    Gained my airport pass whilst working on a credit card promotion at Exeter airport where I could interact with consumers in all areas of the airport grounds and sign them up to the new Flybe credit card.

  • Assistant Event Manager

    Nicorette/Co-op/Morrisons/Topman/Guardian - 6 years experience AEM at various events across the UK where I have had a team of individuals to control for an activity and monitor throughout the day in order to keep levels of work to a high standard and report information back to the agency/client on a daily basis.

  • Conferences

    LOCOG/Alea Casino/NCN Been the host to welcome people into conferences that were being held by various clients and entertain guests upon arrival/exit and throughout break periods during the event. Also attended various conferences in Nottingham whilst studying and recently held my own conference for final year at university with the topic/debate on social media and video conferencing.

  • Costume and Character

    Sanex - Shrek/Co-op - Pineapple Dressed up as several characters for in store promotions and events to entertain children and create an atmosphere around a certain product/event.

  • Credit Card Trained

    For a short period, I was trained to approach and sign members of the public up and take advantage of an exclusive 'Flybe' members credit card at Exeter airport where they could retrieve a free flight from the company in return for using their services in 2007/08.

  • Demonstration

    Fujifilm/X-Box Kinect/Nintendo Wii/Panasonic Advertising and showing customers features of new or existing products in stores to boost sales and to make sure consumers become aware all key advantages of the product before they purchase.

  • Event Management

    EM - pinnacle job of promotional career. Recently part of a core team carrying the official London 2012 Olympic Torch around the UK and letting consumers know they can nominate themselves or others to become a ‘Future Flame’ at next year’s Olympics Games. The tour consists of travelling and working outside various locations over 70 days and interacting with consumers about their passions to become a torchbearer whilst delivering an unforgettable experience so that they always remember Coca Cola and the Olympics.

  • Exhibitions

    Coca Cola/Powerade/Ariel Worked at various exhibitions at Exeter Arena where we interacted with members of the public and clients about various brands and gave away free samples/goodie bags for people to take home with them.

  • Hospitality

    Coca Cola/Debenhams/Smirnoff/Jack Chams Lounge Bar Worked in hospitality industry for the past seven years where I have managed various bars and pubs across the South West and worked for brands inside venues as promotions as well as looking after/hosting an event for clients and members of the public.

  • Leafleting

    Puregym/Bathroom Tiles - Exeter/Morrison's Experience in managing teams and working alone on door to door and general leafleting campaigns in city centres and local areas - main concept of role is to distribute to members of the public aware of the offer that is available.

  • Merchandising

    Travelled across areas in Devon/Cornwall to merchandise dvd's in retail stores over a busy christmas and new year period to ensure staff knew of any product plans, dvd structure and selling techniques that needed to be updated in order to generate and gain more sales in each store.

  • Mystery Shopping

    Strongbow/Starbucks/DHP Group - Stealth, Rock City, Rescue Room's Worked on behalf of 'DHP Group' to investigate and understand members of staff that worked inside one of their venues in Nottingham. Main duties included: reporting, monthly meetings, judgement of service levels and a power point presentation at end of the year.

  • Rigging

    Coca Cola 2011 - set up/rig small area where we interacted with members of the public and have a set area to barrier off, set up activity and camera stands whilst checking for health and safety issues/risk assessments before opening up. CBeebies show - rigged and set up area where a family event was being held in Cornwall for a TV show on Cbeebies which included; set up of barriers for to out mark whole event, helping assist and peg down tents, loading/unloading of vehicles and setting up of whole activity.

  • Roadshows

    Coca Cola - 2011&2012/Monster Energy/Co-op Touring the UK promoting new or existing brands to members of the public in shopping centres, music events, head offices, supermarkets etc whilst working alongside new members of staff, reporting, travelling and keeping up the energy and vibe throughout all the dates.

  • Sampling

    Coca Cola, Galaxy, Mountain Dew, Lindt Worked on various sampling activities on new and existing products in key locations (city centres, beaches, towns, cinema's, instore) to members of the public to generate awareness of product, the brand and communicate across a key messaging to every consumer.

  • Technology

    Gaming - X-Box Kinect/Niintendo Wii/Playstation/Nintendo DS

  • Bar Person

    - Experienced as manager of a small cocktail bar with eight members of staff for three years. - Experienced as assistant manager at a local pub/restaurant for one year with training.

  • Car Driving License

    Clean License

  • CRB

    Recently checked - January 2011 being the latest

  • First Aid Certificate

    - Qualified in emergency first aid (2010)

  • Health / Hygiene Cert

    - Health and Hygiene certificate (2008) - Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering (2010)

  • Own Transport

    Own car available for jobs and happy to drive.

  • Qualifications

    - FND Foundation Degree - Hospitality Management (pubs/clubs/nightclubs) - 1 A-Level (Leisure and Recreation) - 9 GCSE'S


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