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    Sarah Boyes,

    Promostaff, South East

    I compare SFS to my Internet banking account. It's easy to use, quick and very reliable; I would say that 50% of the work I get comes from SFS. I received a call out of the blue over 5 years ago from an agency and have ... read more.

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    Sue Green,

    Promostaff, Yorkshire and Humberside

    Thanks to I don't struggle to find and receive work. The system certainly saves me time and I couldn't and wouldn't live without.

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I am an outgoing individual with a bubbly personality. I enjoy travelling and meeting new people and enjoy working in different environments. My career as a Television Production Coordinator involves setting up shoots and events to be filmed for various television programmes. I often deal with the general public as contributors and television personalities so the role requires good communication skills and an ability to remain calm under pressure. Most recently I have been working in various positions in Australia including customer service, events and promotions. I am a creative person with an interest in the arts, health & fitness, fashion and food and wine. View my contact details, availability, and stats.




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  • Demonstration

    Promostaff UK - 2001 I demonstrated a floor cleaning product within Sainsbury's stores. This required skill in talking to the general public and maintaining their interest as well as generating sales of the product.

  • Event Management

    I often manage television shoots on location. Setting up a shoot involves arranging crew, equipment, transport, catering etc. There are always junior staff onsite that I have to manage throughout the shoot. My position requires me to troubleshoot as various problems arise. It can be very pressurised at times so an ability to keep calm under pressure and good communication skills are needed. Part of my job requires me to arrange parties at the end of filming for cast and crew and industry people. I have to locate venues for the parties aswell as arrange catering, transport, invites etc and ensure the night runs smoothly.

  • Exhibitions

    The Australian Wine Company - June & July 09 I worked for a wine distribution company at The Good Food and Wine show and Restaurant Week, both prestigious events held at The Melbourne Exhibition Centre. I was involved in promoting the company and their wines to the general public aswell as to local businesses and gathering contacts for future business. I was also involved in directly selling the wine to the public /Mechanex Exhibition - Nov 09 I worked as part of the organisation team for the event and Sandown Race Course

  • Hospitality

    Pinnacle Hospitality People – Events Hospitality – March 09 to Aug 09 I worked on a casual basis at parties and events held at prestigious venues in Melbourne. /Eurest -Catering Assistant - Jan 07 to Feb 07 I worked in a café within a large corporate company. I prepared sandwiches and made up sandwiches on request from customers during lunch service. I also made and served customers coffees. /Eurest -Conference Coordinator -January 02 to April 02 A temporary position within a large global organisation called Worldcom. I was in charge of booking all conferences and arranging video conferencing. I had to set up technical equipment, order catering and set it out then ensure the rooms were turned around for further conferences. /Eurest - Catering Assistant -(summers of) 1996 to 2001 I worked in various staff restaurants within different offices of varying sizes. I prepared sandwiches, salads etc and served customers hot food at breakfast and lunchtimes.

  • Sales

    The Australian Wine Company - June & July 09 I was also involved in directly selling the wine to the public. /Promostaff UK - 2001 I demonstrated a cleaning product to increase sales in Sainsbury's

  • Sampling

    Promostaff UK - 2001 Working for a promotion agency on various assignments including tasting sessions in Sainsbury’s stores where I had to prepare food and talk to customers on the shop floor explaining what the new product was and allowing them to taste. I also worked on a Dove campaign for their face wipes explaining the benefits of the product to the customer and distributing samples aswell as a campaign to get customers to sign up for nectar cards.

  • Acting

    As I work in Television Production we often require extras and I have been an extra in several programmes I have worked on including; 'Ten Commandments Of The Mafia' A drama reconstruction shoot - I played a screaming woman who had discovered a dead body. /'Arrange Me A Marriage' A documentary series. I played a waitress at a party. /'Diggin' It' A weekend children's programme. I often appeared as different characters in comedy sketches. /'The Perfect Bottom' A documentary where I was an underwear model and dancer.

  • Car Driving License


  • Computer Skills (Advanced)


  • Face Painting

    Face The World – Professional Face Painter - 1994 to 2003 I was employed on a freelance basis to face paint children and adults at festivals, corporate events, film premieres and private parties. This involved travelling to various assignments often on my own liaising with clients and promoting further business for the company. Some of the companies we worked with included Disney, Lucky Strike and EMI.

  • Health / Hygiene Cert

    I hold a basic food hygeine certificate

  • Qualified Dancer

    I have had dance lessons from a young age and took several ISTD examinations in disco freestyle. Although I am not a qualified dance teacher I still dance in my spare time - hip hop and streetdance.

  • Roller Skating / Blading

    I can rollerblade

  • Qualifications

    University College Chichester 1998 to 2001 BA (Hons) Fine Art and Media Studies - 2:1 The Surrey Institute Of Art and Design 1997 to 1998 BTEC Diploma - Foundation Studies in Art and Design Farnborough Sixth Form College 1995 to 1997 3 A levels & RSA word processing 1 and 2 Calthorpe Park School 1990 to 1995 9 G.C.S.E's grade A to C


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