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With 7 years experience in Promotions, Event management, Brand Management & Sales running alongside an 8-year part time international DJ & Producer Career, Gareth has plenty of experience to take on whatever job put forward to him. After spending the first years of his working career as a professional golfer straight from senior school teaching, playing and working in the professional shop selling the state of the art Golfing equipment, he started his career in Promotions and Events, to run alongside the Golf, after taking a drastic career change around 2000 he started to DJ and produce music, soon he started to release music and within small amount of time Gareth was getting inquiries from all corners of the globe to perform which led to him living and touring in south America (Brazil) for 4 years. Now based back in the UK Gareth is looking to expand his income by taking on some more work in the promotion/ Sales industry to sit along my national DJing at weekends. Gareth has successfully run 2 record labels for 4 years selling over 100,000 units digitally. View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

I have medium level design skills , flyers, logos, websites etc etc ... Im still a registered professional golfer and a International DJ.



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Extra Information

  • Credit Card Trained

    Operated various credit card machines for payment, Golfing Brands and ticket sales and also promoted various different credit card offers at the Bull ring in Birmingham, One Stop in Birmingham amongst various others.

  • Demonstration

    Experience with 02 demonstration new phones to the public and also running a campaign which involved taking a huge arcade game around to various O2 stores and running a competition ( fastest lap on a car game winning o2 prizes)

  • Event Management

    Various Event Manager events mainly tobacco and at racing events. Generally running a team of up to 10 girls selling demo tobacco at the races, my role was stock control and delivery looking after funds and replenishing the girls as they ran out of tobacco.

  • Exhibitions

    Various 02 Campaigns around the country mainly looking after food drinks for 02 Events sometimes up to 500 people.

  • Hospitality

    Worked at the Food show at the Nec jobs raining from security to demonstrating & Sampling foods

  • In-store / Store approved

    Worked instore for various Brands including O2, Addidas, Credit cards etc etc.. Mainly demonstrating products or making Brand Awareness.

  • Leafleting

    Many Jobs for 02

  • Merchandising

    Worked mainly for O2 delivering point of sale to newsagents.

  • Presenting

    Have done various radio interviews overseas to do with my djing and have stood in to cover for a small local internet show as a presenter.

  • Rigging

    Have rigged up many large sound systems whilst on tour in south america

  • Sales

    Have had many jobs in sales as a Golfer i worked at 3 different golf shops selling state of the art golf equipment. Also worked in ticket sales for events in Brazil and Mexico..

  • Sampling

    Maily work with 02 again sampling various products form 02

  • Technology

    I am a self taught graphic designer and web designer with various sites online that i have created.

  • Bar Person

    Worked behind the bar at various Pubs and Clubs before i got into the promotion industry and have also worked behind the bars of various exhibitions over the years at the Food show at the NEC.

  • Car Driving License

    I have had a driving license for almost 13 years which is clean.

  • Computer Skills (Advanced)

    Microsoft office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Dreamweaver (for design)+ Music production software.

  • First Aid Certificate

    National Pool certificate. (The test to become a qualified Lifeguard)

  • Own Transport

    I have my own car.

  • Qualifications

    Gcse level Maths, English, Geography, Science, Physical Education


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