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I have varied interest and enjoy doing many different things. I enjoy learning new skills and anything challenging. My hobbies include Hockey, Skiing, Singing, Skating, Football , Tennis and Snowboarding. I have achieved some A-levels which I am proud of and completed four years of university and lots of substantial and widely varied work experience to help me in all areas of any job. I am currently learning Spanish to broaden my language skills and I am always willing to learn new things. View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

I do have more experience and I am willing to do any work available. I am currently looking to fill as many of my weekends as possible, and can do bank holidays and also can do the odd friday/monday if it is a 3 day event.


Other Skills

I can play the saxohone which is very enjoyable and releaves you from stress! I have recieved grade 3 in the saxophone and I am currently still learning. I also enjoy trying new instruments.


First language: English

Extra Information

  • Assistant Event Manager

    Music Events: Blood & lipstick '05-'06

  • Auditing

    Used to audit for commet auditing the televisions and in co-op auditing various things. Also audinting for magasines in Marks & Spencers and Tesco's.

  • Conferences

    Signing people in for Capital One Conference '09

  • Demonstration

    Music Equiptment, March 2005 for Blood & Lipstick. Demonstrating a website to independant travel companies for Vorcity Hoover '10 HP '10 LG 3D Passive TV '11

  • Event Management

    Band Nights Around North Wales in Pubs & Clubs for NWPromotions '06-'08

  • Hospitality

    Working In restaurant helping out, '04-'09

  • Leafleting

    Leafletted for Sommerfield in March '08 Leafletted for Stena Line in July '08 Distribution for spar March 2009 - April 2010 Distribution for Mcdonalds June 2009 Distribution for Mc Colls '09 Pure Gym '10 Cool Trader '11

  • Merchandising

    Malibu in June '08, Abbey capaigns continous from september '08 - September '09 Kellogs '09

  • Mystery Shopping

    T-Mobile & Prinicipality buuilding societty July '08 Sky & help the aged September '08, IMS. Think 25, Serve Legal October '08 Haven June '09 A regualar worker for retail eyes, gfk, gap buster, coyle, ESA, TNS and grass roots.

  • Presenting

    Music Shows in and around North Wales being the host. '06-'08

  • Rigging

    PA rigging in Frames for NWPromotions and some sound engineering. March '06 to '09

  • Roadshows

    Muller Angelsea Show '08 Britsh Gas '11

  • Sales

    Chester Chronicle in June '08 Daily Mail '09. Morphy Richards '10 LG Tv's '11 Juicy Couture Purfume '11

  • Sampling

    Hovis Bread Sampling in Sommerfield April '08 Activia '11 Innocence Smoothies and Juices '11

  • Technology

    Working with morphy richards hoover demonstrating '10 HP Printers '10 LG 3D tv's '11 I am on an engineering degree and have sucessfully completed 2 years so have to be very cxompetant with upcomming technology.

  • Bar Person

    Worked Behind a bar from 16, can mix cocktails and know most slang for mixes of drinks

  • Car Driving License

    Driving 2 years. drove over 45,000 in that time so alot of relevant experience on different roads especially around north wales.

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    On the computer alot so I know the ins and outs. Also in my course we have computational methods and CAD classes.

  • First Aid Certificate

    I did a two day first aid training and my certficate lasts me until october 2014.

  • Health / Hygiene Cert

    Got one in March this year so I can just go straight to working with food instead of a company having to ask me to get one.

  • Own Transport

    Even if my car is broke, I have always been very good about sorting out other transport. But my car is amazing and gets me everywhere. I am also studying mechanical engineering so know how to fix most problems efficiently.

  • Public Speaking

    Just in lectures infront of 140 people giving oral presentations occassionally with the aid of powerpoint.

  • Roller Skating / Blading

    Have skated from a young age and go weekly if I can. Will go iceskating as often as possible and my rollerblading skills help me alot with it.

  • Qualifications

    2 Alevels, Maths and Physics, Recieved 2007 AAT foundation level. 3 years Engineering Degree. 2 Years office experience.


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