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I am a very activty and young person. I live in near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. I enjoy working and promoting Companies. View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

I am a happy, bubbly people person who can comunicate with people from all walks of life. I am honest, hard working and reliable.



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Extra Information

  • Auditing

    I have completed audit in in retail stores.

  • Conferences

    One of my hobbies in attend cat shows. I have show under TICA which is The International Cat Accociation and twice a year I organise a cat show. I have to orgainse Judges from all over the world to come and Judge at the show. My role also involes the advertising, finace and organising Trade Stands and exhibutors. The show will have between 300 - 400 cat over the weekend.

  • Costume and Character

    I worked for a Harry Potter campaign and dressed up at a Wizzard. I would also be willing to dress up for any other campaigns.

  • Demonstration

    I have worked doing In-store demonstrations for the last 2 years and have worked for many house hold names, Huggies, Pampers, Scottish and Newcastle, Masterfood to name a few.

  • Exhibitions

    I worked for a Hi Fi Company who held Exibitions and I organised the event. I currently twice a year run a Internation Cat Show and I organise Judges from all over the world to judge and they judge from 250 - 300 pedigree and house hold pet cats and kittens.

  • Hospitality

    I have yeaqrs of experience in Hospitality. I am in charge of hospitality at Cat Show held under TICA in differnt venues in the UK. I am also with hospitality at Peterborough Speedway.

  • In-store / Store approved

    I enjoy in-store dems and have become part of a regular team in Tesco's and I am liked by Management, staff and customers.t

  • Leafleting

    Leafleting is also been a regular activity for me mostlly in Tesco's for Clothing, Insurances, Wine Festivals.

  • Merchandising

    I enjoy merchandising. My job has invold taking in and Merchandsing Dump Bin and Pallets in store.

  • Mystery Shopping

    I would like to do more mystery shopping. I have Mystery Shopped for Tesco's, Cow and Gate, Foxes and Hotpoint..

  • Presenting

    I was a leader for Weight Watchers for 7 years and over that period I presented Weight Watchers in meetiongs from 3 - 11 meetings a week. I loved helping my members and the job was challenging at times.

  • Roadshows

    I really enjoy working and representing Companies on Roadshows. I have worked for Cadbury's, Quorn, Kerry Low Low and Nature Valley Bars. I love the buzz of a Roadshow.

  • Sales

    I love In Store Demonstrating and while sampling I drive sales of the product I selling.

  • Sampling

    Sampling food is one of my favourite jobs, I love meeting people. I have ssampled hot and cold foods mostly in Tesco's for ARC/Lime.

  • Car Driving License

    I hold a clean driving licience

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    Clait stage 1

  • Health / Hygiene Cert

    My Health and Hygiene is current - it expires 2009.

  • Own Transport

    I have my own transport and I am willing to travel.

  • Qualifications

    I gained 8 CSE Typwriting Stage 1 and 2. I have always been in employment.


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