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im very intrested in all aspects of IT, and have done work experiance in this field, I have done 3 months work of promotions previously, doing demonstrations on a coffee machine in leading high street retailers, i have a son, who at time of writing this is 4 months old. my intrests are bowling, cycling, meeting new people. in a work enviroment, i am cheerful, helpful, and always put the customer first, if they are happy, im happy View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

i have only done agency work in promotions for 2-3 months, but i have alot of experaince from full time jobs


Other Skills

i have alot of customer, and sales experiance, and a medium amount of demonstration experiance


First language: English

Extra Information

  • Chef

    have worked in several pubs in the kitchen most recent was the globe inn, i was semi bar supervisor, and worked in the kitchen from time to time.

  • Credit Card Trained

    working in shops, and and as a manager and supervisor of a bar, and shops, means i have had to be credit card trained, i am experianced with cashing up, EoD, banking as well as normal operations.

  • Demonstration

    worked demonstrating a coffee machine, (dolche gusto) for 3 months, a couple of years ago

  • Hospitality

    working in the catering and hospitatility sector means that i have experiance in this. i have been a semi bar supervisor and over christmas, last year, as responsible for one night of christmas partys as well.

  • Merchandising

    working in currys, before i left, i was part of the merchandising team. helping to setup the store as per the planner, and ensureing tickets were upto date, and the store looked like new before we left each night

  • Sales

    have worked in several stores as a sales advisor, of note, currys, where i was a sales advisor in the T-Counter. so am familer with all aspects of sales

  • Bar Person

    have worked in several bars, most recent as a semi bar supervisor, im fully trained in cellar skills, and service

  • Car Driving License

    i have a full licence and own transport

  • Computer Skills (Advanced)

    have done 1st, 2nd 3rd line support, fully competent with all aspects of microsoft OS, and office packages, as well as hardware, and coding experiance

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    as above

  • Own Transport

    yes, drive a small ford fiesta, 2006 hatchback

  • Qualifications

    Btec first diploma in ICT, software dev. GCSE mathes


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