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Hello potential clients, as noted above my name is yvonne mccuaig, i am 31 years young and have been working within the promotional industry for the past 15 years. In this time i have a vast experience and worked for most major blue chip companies, raising brand awareness and product knowledge whilst travelling the lengths & breadths of the U.K. I undertake this role extremely seriously and pride myself in my appearance and communication skills. As i have been in the industry for many years i have been employed as an events manager but also thrive on being part of a team. I am extremely gregarious whilst also remaining professional. I have many interests such as watersports, skiing and keeping my body at its optimum through frequenting the gym.I am extremely proud that i managed to obtain a degree in business law & management whilst studying at the University of North London, you may ask why i have not pursued this, the reason being is i know my strenghths and have found my niche within the promtions industry. View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

I do hope that you find the information above adequate.


Other Skills

I do hope that i have already outlined my varios skills and that you deen them satisfactory to work as an ambassador for your brand. Thank you for taking the time to look through my C.V. and i look forward to hearing from you.


First language: English

Extra Information

  • Airport Passholder

    I have been an Airport badge holder for Heathrow, whilst working for BlackJack promoting Frequent Flier cards for BAA airside , i have also been an airport badge holder for Glasgow & Edinburgh Airports working airside for again Blackjack,Gael Partnership, Prestigious Promotions & Best of the Best Supercar company.I promoted numerous brands from ,ALL MAIN SUPERCARS from Ferarri to Lamborghini,all major Perfumes & alcohols. have worked within the airport for around 10 years working for various brands

  • Assistant Event Manager


  • Conferences


  • Costume and Character

    I have dressed up countless times for promotions from Tinkerbell in a Disney Promotion to Glasgow Rangers & Glasgow Celtic football team kits to promote soccer to pit lane costumes for Supercars. i am willing to dress in most attire to draw positive attention and raise awareness of a particular brand in a positive manner

  • Credit Card Trained

    I have been credit card trained for most companies from MBNA to Barclaycard working in various venues from the airports to most exhibitions from the SECC in Scotland to Earls Court in London

  • Data Capture


  • Demonstration


  • Event Management

    I have worked as an events manager for a London Based company Kru-live. I built up an excellent working relationship with the owner Mr Eatenton whilst living in London, therefore he has asked me to run all of his campaigns that have taken place in Scotland From Brands such as L.A. Fitness to Knorr.My role included finding the staff, mostly from 8-10 people, liasing with client, rotas, keeping staff morale up etc.

  • Exhibitions

    I have worked at every exhibition from Wedding Shows, Motor Shows, Motorbike shows, Baby Shows, Food & Drink Shows, Agriculture & holiday shows..........You name the show & i could almost guarantee that i have worked at it.From all venues such as, SECC, Ingleston, The armadillo, Earls Court, The Birmingham nec etc.

  • Fragrance / Counter Cover

    I have worked for many houses such as Givenchy, Prada, DKNY, mostly in Duty free at Glasgow & Edinburgh A irport & also Heathrow.

  • Hospitality


  • In-store / Store approved


  • Leafleting

    Most campaigns i have worked for requires a leafleting campaign as well as product distibution, i have distributed leaflets from Glasgow City Centre to Football & Rugby matces.

  • Merchandising


  • Modelling

    In my younger years i did various modelling campaigns from lads mags (never topless) , to sportswear brands, As i am only 5'6" this was a hinderence for modelling but perfect for promotional work

  • Roadshows

    As already stated i have worked on many roadshows with campaigns that would run for a few weeks or months, i extremely enjoy roadshows as you are always moving around & taking the brand to new customers,Vie Shot was an amazing road show as we had a great team who worked hard for 2 months & we had piece of mind that we had permeanent work for 2 months

  • Sales

    Whils working for Best of the Best i had to promote and sell tickets for £20 each for a raffle to win a supercar, i have also worked within credit card sales although i do prefer promotional work as i feel with credit card sales the product could be forced upon the customer as the agent is an a commision only pay, therefore i feel it is a little undignified.

  • Sampling

    Whilst working for various alcohol & cigarette brands i have sampled in nightclubs, bars, airports and at various venues. I enjoy sampling as you get instant feedback from the customer

  • Technology


  • Bar Person

    My long term partners father owns nightclubs & pubs & on various occasions i have helped behind the bar as when i was a student i worked in Options nightclub in Kingston Upon Thames as a bar person. I also worked in exclusive members only nightclub Stocks in Chelsea as a hostess & occasionaly a bar person

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    I have an I.T. module as part of my degree. I know my way around a computer but i am not advavced

  • Own Transport

    Unfortunatey as i lived in London for many years i did not find the need to drive & public transport is my saviour, i am currently taking driving lessons but this does not hinder me from getting to & from work as my partner has become my designated driver and i feel that public transport is extremely good and reliable

  • Qualifications

    I have a BA in Business law & Management form the University of North London, as already stated. I have three A-levels these being English language & Literature, Grade A achieved, Communication Studies, Grade B achieved & Law Grade C achieved at Kingston Upon Thames College, i also have 8 standard grades all above a grade C ahieved at Hermitage Academy High School


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