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Hi! well i have quite varied interest! I am a a keen sports woman, I love the gym, swimming, mountain hiking/walking and cycling. I have a great passion for travel and mixing within different cultures, I have lived in Cairo for 2 years, Gran Canaria 1 year, Switzerland 3 months and I backpacked around the world for 1 year. I recently had a baby girl, who is fantastic and that would prob be my best achievement. I do love my normal job as EM and I find I'm very good at it! I am always liked by both staff and clients. I also do modelling which I enjoy. At present, I am also going to college to completing my couselling diploma. View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

I am qualified in most types of massage I have an NVQ 2 in child care I have completed my level 3 in counselling and at present working towards completing my diploma in counselling I have a stress management diploma I am a qualified Reiki practitioner I worked as head receptionist for a large engineering firm



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Extra Information

  • Airport Passholder

    Liverpool airport

  • Assistant Event Manager

    Cadillac/Corvette UK motor show Coral casino Coral book makers

  • Auditing


  • Conferences

    cigarettes, transport and lots more

  • Costume and Character

    Nesquik bunny

  • Data Capture

    BT Sport

  • Demonstration

    Nescafe Dolce Gusto Nintendo Loreal Pampers + many more

  • Event Management

    BMW Formula 1 event, 50 + staff Ready Brek - road show, 4 staff Anchor Butter - road show, 4 staff Pringles - road show, 2 staff Eon - football grounds, 10 staff Cadillac road show, 3 staff NHS stop smoking campaign, 4 staff Gallaher cigarette, 2 staff + many many more

  • Exhibitions

    Motor show - Cadillac, corvette. Excel Community transport exhibition, GMEX Law exhibition - GMEX MPH, NEC Bike Show, NEC + many more

  • Fragrance / Counter Cover

    All P&G fragrances

  • Hospitality

    York races Law exhibition GMEX Aintree races

  • In-store / Store approved

    Boots Trafford Ctr Selfridges Trafford Ctr Duty Free liverpool airport

  • Leafleting


  • Merchandising


  • Modelling

    Channel 4 "hollywood icons" - was Bette Davis Various shopping channel shoots Digital t.v catwalk show bridal shows Extra Hollyoaks.

  • Mystery Shopping

    fosters and other alcohol brands, sky TV

  • Rigging

    anchor butter

  • Roadshows

    Anchor Butter Pampers Ready Brek Cadillac Pringles

  • Sales


  • Sampling

    Pringles lots of alcohol sampling lots of different food sampling

  • Technology

    Ipad and phone, PS3

  • Bar Person

    2 years at Park Hall hotel working behind the bar

  • Car Driving License

    Full and clean

  • Computer Skills (Advanced)

    Advanced cert held

  • First Aid Certificate

    I had my level 3, St Johns ambulance but it is just out of date, I am willing to re-take

  • Health / Hygiene Cert

    Out of date, will re-take

  • Own Transport


  • Qualifications

    Stress management diploma NVQ 2 child care Level 2 counselling (doing diploma at present) Reiki


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