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Experience Summary

I am have just finished my 3rd year of a law doing a law degree. My biggest achievement so far is has been the first member of my family to go to University. Being one of 11 children has meant that I have had to grow up quick. Due to family circumstances I have been faced with obstacles that could have hinder one's chances of being successful. I acknowledge that my background has both helped me and hindered one's career. It has also definitely helped me to be more determined to succeed and kept me motivated. My interest is traveling and swimming. I also enjoy meeting new people and have a thirst for learning new things. View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

I have experience in many a field in the industry however i would like to get more involved in team leader work or managing events as i would like to advance my skills and take a different angle in my job roles.


Other Skills

I have also done many other campaigns. These have been for a wide range of different types of brands. Some of the ones i have enjoyed are for skin products for Soap and Glory, Sanctuary body butters and spa treatments, Sure for men and woman. Gillette Venus lady razors, Patent pro. Savvi music store , Hollywood nails and Sally's nails.


First language: English

Extra Information

  • Auditing

    I have reported back to a company on findings in Asda, Sainburys, Boots and the co-op on various stock and products

  • Costume and Character

    I had to dress up fi fi who has a tv series on Cbbc's. This was in Wales and i enjoyed making kids smile. Dressing up as a lolly pop lady at Old Trafford in associate with Manchester Untied Football team and the Manchester police.

  • Data Capture

    Recently i capture data in Blackpool using a PDA. The data was for Nintendo Consoles and games. I have also worked for the NHS regarding safe sex around various cities. This required a team of three to go into night clubs and ask members of the public questions regarding safe sex targeting 16- 35 males and females.

  • Demonstration

    Nintendo DS, DSI and Wii console.

  • Fragrance / Counter Cover

    I have worked on Hugo Boss and D&G women fragrances. I have more recently been working on Jay z's new fragrance for men.

  • Hospitality

    Worked at Chavasse chambers which is an annual event for a set of chambers in Liverpool.

  • In-store / Store approved

    I am Store Approved in Boots in Liverpool (Speke)

  • Leafleting

    I have helped do this at University when people are being elected into the Law Society. Also done leafleting as a student brand ambassador for Levonelle. Barclay's bank and Carling beer.

  • Merchandising

    I have done the Daily Mail, 2004-2006. Children s Magazine CBBC's, The Metro Newspaper in 2005-2006 also being a team leader, and also All Soothers cough sweets. Colgate total, Dove, Parmolive shower wash and bubble bath. I also work on L&B cigarettes in Liverpool.

  • Mystery Shopping

    I have done Mystery Shopping for Co- Travel agencies in 2005-2006

  • Sampling

    Oil of Olay in 2005 and Hugo Boss perfume in 2006, Olay Regenerist,. Gillette for men fusion.

  • Security

    I have done various concerts including Take That concerts in an open and closed arena and UB40 concerts outdoors.

  • Car Driving License

    I have a full UK clean driving license which I have had since I was 17.

  • Computer Skills (Advanced)

    As a child i went to computer classes and have since gained GCSE level of I.T skills. I am competent and able to find my way around a computer and the internet. I also have done the CLAIT course.

  • First Aid Certificate

    I have a first aid at work certificate which I gained having done a four day course and also a basic certificate which was a one day course. They both will need to be renewed shortly

  • Health / Hygiene Cert

    I have done this but it has now run out. I am willing to retake the one day course should anybody require it.

  • Nail Technician

    I am a trained Nail Technician and also have Nail Artist and nail treatment certificates. which i am able to provides copies of upon request. I worked for sally Hanson and Hollywood Nails performing manicures to members of the public in a store environment. This also includes OPI Nail products and Hollywood Nails.

  • Own Transport

    I have my own car and I am willing to travel around.

  • Qualifications

    I have a qualifying law degree which was completed in 2010, BTEC diploma in Music My Grades were the equivalent to A,A,B at A-Level. I am also a qualified Nail technician and rather sooner than later I am planning on doing my LLM post graduate in Law in 2011.


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