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I am a very well motivated, active individual, who thrives on new challenges. I am forward thinking, logical, energetic and determined. Having worked in the promotions industry for nine years, I use my valid past experience as a Grocery Store Manager to advance my knowledge in Event Management and Promotional Work. As a reliable, self motivated individual, I encourage colleagues and staff to be proactive and positive ensuring the team adds value to all we undertake. I am very much a people person, I am blonde, 5 ft 8 tall and slim. I enjoy dancing and swimming to keep fit, and I am learning to play the saxaphone. I am very ambitous and have a lot of drive and a passion for life. I have a lot of sales and retail experience and i am passionate about the industry!! I also have my own property business which I run from home, I have had it for 17 years and it is successful and thoroughly enjoyable. View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

I spent 12 years as a Store Manager of a large Mace store in Cambridge which gave me great knowledge of the grocery trade and also dealing with Reps and customers. My duties included : Staff Management Stock control Product pricing Stock ranging, pricing and overall margin control Merchandising and store layout Pay roll Liaising with suppliers Administration and accounting system Marketing – newspaper advertising, leaflet distribution and window display I gained a very good understanding of the Grocery Trade and the needs of Retailing, and how to manage, organize and motivate staff. Working in a fast moving environment taught me to be proactive, to take initiative and manage my time effectively. I have also been a sales representaive for Caspian Cuisine Duties Included: Developing new and innovative products to meet requirements Retail pricing and profit achievement Margin control Quality standards Sales and new business.


Other Skills

I have the ability to build a good rapour with the people I encounter, Store Mangers, customers, store staff and promotional staff.


First language: English

Extra Information

  • Assistant Event Manager

    I worked my way up to Assistant Store Manager, then on to Store Manager of a large Mace Store in Cambridge, and I have been trained by an ex director of Tesco's, so I have a very good understanding of the retail trade.

  • Conferences

    Working for Ideal Conferents, I have worked at quite a few conference's all over the place and also I have been involved in Q and A, our client's were Microsoft and the Goverment

  • Costume and Character

    I have had to dress as a WKD girl, in a little blue dress for a fun campaign Also in a forensic suit for Managing a Nivea campaign May 2011

  • Data Capture

    Working for Bensons at the Motor Show each year, getting potential customers details. Also worked on the Mercedes stand at The Motor Show also getting data capture. I have done many events like this. Working as an Event manager on Zip car, collecting data capture of people interested.

  • Demonstration

    Demonstrating the Tassimo drink machine in John Lewis, Welwyn Garden City. Also i have done a roadshow demonstrating these aswell. Demonstrating the Perfect Care range of steam generating irons in John Lewis - Welwyn Garden City, February to September 2012. Demonstrating the Fidelio Audio range in John Lewis, Cambridge, September 2012 to December 2012

  • Event Management

    Working for Because on Kandoo, promoting the Kandoo wipes in store, I was mystery shopped by the client and the agency, who were all extremely impressed with me and my team. Working for N2o on Nivea Invisible deodorant, in Cambridge and Ipswich, a team of 3, we sold lots of product and sold out of some also. Working as an Event Manager for Tribe, promoting Zip car all over Cambridge, I have a team of 3 to 5 people, raising awareness and achieving leads! Benecol roadshow

  • Exhibitions

    Working at the Motor Show NEC Working for Marack Estates, promoting property in Bulgaria Millbrook Exhibitions for the Army Millbrook Exhibitions for car dealers

  • Fragrance / Counter Cover

    Sampling perfume, interacting with customers, explaining offers and type of perfume, letting customers sample and experience the perfume

  • Hospitality

    The Dorchester – Hostessing for Charitable Events • The Hilton Hotel – Hostessing for the HMV Football Bonanza • Chilford Hall – Barclays registration, meeting and greeting and Q&A • Chilford Hall Government –Working Together, Action Line, registration and Q and A

  • In-store / Store approved

    John Lewis in Cambridge John Lewis in Welwyn Garden City

  • Leafleting

    I have worked on behalf of Virgin, handing out leaflets in Cambridge

  • Merchandising

    Top Up TV, working in Comet and Curry's building huge displays to create impact Also as Store Manager at Mace, we had to do a lot of display and merchandising to create impact Universal, merchandising and display, Implementing POS and taking photo's, also implementing FSDU's, increasing product facings, building a rappour with store staff and Managers.

  • Modelling

    Worked for a web site Also on a Billboard in London for the same campaign

  • Mystery Shopping

    Worked all over North London mystery shopping video stores for several months Also worked as a Mystery Shopper in the Crowne public houses. Also worked for Because on the Fosters HIT injection campaign as a mystery shopper

  • Rigging

    Erecting gazebo's for Zip Car and other events Erecting gazebo and and trailers for Tassimo campaign

  • Roadshows

    Tassimo Flora Buttery Burtolli Jordans Cereals Bernard Matthews Pastries Crabbies Ginger Beer

  • Sales

    Kleenex, Huggies, Thornton’s, T-Mobile, Sony, Nokia, Philips Toothbrushes(Oral B), Danone, Fosters, Stella Artois, Thorntons Chocolate, Jacobs Cream Crackers, Paramount, Top Up TV, AOL, United Biscuits, Kleenex, Plantronics and Direct Lunch to name a few!

  • Sampling

    Burtolli - sampling the olive oil spread - Audley End Concerts Knorr and Colmans marinade sampling - Tesco Crabbies Ginger Beer Bertolli Tassimo

  • Security

    Store Manager - this was part of my job role

  • Technology

    Mobile phone and Plantronics head sets Fidelio Audio in John Lewis Perfect Care steam generators in John Lewis

  • Van Sales

    Caspian Cuisine - selling sandwiches to business people and also getting new business.

  • Bar Person

    I have worked in a bar in Cambridge called the Bun Shop for a year

  • Car Driving License

    I have a clean driving license

  • Computer Skills (Novice)


  • Own Transport

    1 car and 1 van

  • Qualifications

    Btech National in Performing Arts 2011 A level in interior design RSA Practical Book keeping Stages 1 & 2 CLAIT Computer Literacy and Information Technology Course St Johns Ambulance Fire Fighting and First Aid Basic Food Hygiene Cambridge Social Services Personal Care


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