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Experience Summary

Outgoing, extroverted, love being on a stage and playing characters. Will put effort into setting up good displays simply as artistic. Resourceful, logical, creative, out of the box; lateral thinker with team leading. Seeking temp work whilst seeking placement as part of university sandwich course. In teens ran own craft business making prop weapons which can be seen at in the special effects section. Received regular bonuses and annual awards for merchandising displays. Coming top in several university assignments. Interests include adventure activities, which have included full grown tigers walkies, jousting like a medieval knight, stunt driving, scuba diving with sharks and taking part in BBC 1 Total Wipeout show. Part of a links first aid club at university, archery and scuba club. View my contact details, availability, and stats.



Other Skills

Highly resourceful, intentive & creative, good eye for displays, practical and artistic. I can ski, sail dingeys, SCUBA Dive (Advanced PADI) have done a BAPC level 1 British Academy of Performnace Combat The acting can help mystery shopping. problem solving could help team leading. Extroverted nature good at demoing. More like the TV character Mc Guyver utilising anything I can lay my mitts on. Most suited to zany jobs then formal


First language: English

Extra Information

  • Costume and Character

    Film extra see link below eLike zany jobs & have been in various skin costumes from fingers to avocado men. Plus regular fancy dress costumes like Harry Potter for 02 , Chilian avocado industry

  • Demonstration

    Have demoed on behalf of Sony and Hp Laptops and computers. Windows Vista, Motorola Phones, Sony Walkmans and get in with the public with a more human than corporate approach.

  • Installation

    Helping to set up exhibitions

  • Leafleting

    Have done lots of different leafleting jobs for various promo agencies as well as handing out samples and competion cards. Many for Candour.

  • Merchandising

    I have merchandised for L'Oriel I think back in 2003 but mostly on behalf of Headcount for Warner which is on goign and recieved regular bonuses for creative release day displays

  • Mystery Shopping

    I would love to have a go at this as sneaky and do lots of film extra acting work anyway

  • Presenting

    Have done some MC work whilst back in 2003 I think I was a nightclub tour rep. Used to being on stages from bar games to dancing and my voice can certainly carry from character work.

  • Sampling

    This has included Canberry Juice and Cranberries in 2005 and 6, Supermalt, tissues, razers and various others.

  • Van Sales

    For 2 weeks back in I think 2007 was doing van sales for Lipton Ice T

  • Acting for photo from 10 years film and TV extrawork for portfolio

  • Car Driving License

    Have held a licence for about 20 years driven various cars and a white van but simply cant afford a car.

  • Computer Skills (Advanced)

    Adobe CS5 : Photoshop, In Design, Illustrator, Flash. MS Office, Corel Draw, Solidworks See my portfolio of graphic design, horror make up, prop making, (inc my firebreathing puppet I made and glow in the dark body painting in nightclubs.

  • First Aid Certificate

    I did this in 1998. Could do with an update but cope well in emergeny situations when can be pretty assertive and resourceful and inventive where need be. Not squeemish and do whats needed. Did First Aid Awareness course Oct 2011

  • Public Speaking

    When I have been doing characterwork like being dressed as Harry Potter giving out competetion cards I was the loud one. Been on stages for various bar games, like attention, loud voice. Love being on stage. Very extroverted, Lively.

  • Roller Skating / Blading

    Beginner on rollerblades. cant go backwards or do tricks.

  • Qualifications

    HND Design Communications Distinctions (3) Merits (7) Passes (13) Currently studying BA Hons Industrial Design and Technology at Brunel University, Have completed second year. Seeking wprk placement.


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