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I am an experienced Events Manager and Rigger/driver. Having started in the Experiential sector over 10 years, I can deliver more than just a "good" roadshow, tour or promotion. I have managed some large events like Taste London (floor manager) and roadshows like o2 Blackberry (Events manager), Rabbids Go Home(Events Manager). I can successfully deliver a professional service beyond expectation. I am outgoing, funny and charming. I love to surf when I get time and enjoy road running and Sketching. View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

Food hygene certified Fork lift truck driver 7.5 ton truck driver Window tinting experience


Other Skills

I have worked my way from Brand Ambassador in 1998 - 2001 into working for the company as Events Manager directly. I then moved up to Operations Manager being responsible for various roadshows. Now I am working on a contractual basis as EM/Rigger/Driver


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Extra Information

  • Assistant Event Manager

    Wines of Chile Roadshow during the summer and pre christmas 2005, Curiously Cineman during summer 2009.

  • Costume and Character

    Dressed up as a big Fish for Jindalee Wines at BBC Good Food Show 2004 Birm. I also have various costume characters for acts outside of work inc BILLY the Londoner and Sid the Northerner.

  • Data Capture

    Carnation Roadshow 2009, Rabbids Go Home 2009, Coral 2009. inc PDA and computer.

  • Demonstration

    Gallo - LWTF - 2007, WOSA roadshow & Trade - 2005/06/07, Kettle Chips - April 2007, Blossom Hill - Nov 2007, Cote du Rhone - May 2008, Wines from France - July 2006. Penfolds - Nov 2006. Rioja 2006

  • Event Management

    Wines of SA Roadshow - 2004/05/06. Wines Fom Spain - Feb - May 2006. Gastro Alfresco Roadshow Jan - Aug 08. o2 Blackberry campaign Oct 2008. Dec 08 - Terry's Choclate Orange campaign. o2 Blackberry 09, Coral 09, Carnation 09, Rabbids Go Home 09 and more.

  • Exhibitions

    BBC Good Food 97,98, 2000, 02, 03, 04, 05 Stand manager and Events Manager London wine trade fair 98,99,02,03,04,05,07,08,09 Floor assistant, stand manager and Floor Manager. Plus many more

  • Hospitality

    Silver service - NAG - 3 days -Oct 2007, International Wine Trade Fair 2006, 2007 - Floor Manager, Tesco's Wine Fair 2005, 2006 - Floor Manager. Taste of London 2005, 2006 - Wine Floor manager.

  • Installation

    Alpro 2010

  • In-store / Store approved

    Lindermanns (Homebase) - March 2006. Kumala - Tesco Calais - Dec 2005,06. Sainsbury's Nectar card September - November 2008 on and off.

  • Merchandising

    PC World (Ashford) - March 2007

  • Mystery Shopping

    Gastro Alfresco Roadshow May - July 2008, Actimel - London stores - August 2008. Muller 2009

  • Presenting

    Tasting host and Competition presenter at New Zealand Annual wine tasting 2004 & 2005. Events host and masterclass announcer at Tesco Wine Fair 2004 & 2005 Manchester and London. Tour Guide Munich 06. Presenting Competition 2009, Compare June 2009

  • Rigging

    Kumala Roadshow 2003, 2004, Wines of SA roadshow 2004, 2005, 2006. Gastro AlfrescoRoadshow 2008. o2 Blackberry Roadshow October 2008. Alpro 2010

  • Roadshows

    Please ask as too many to list

  • Sales

    Wines of SA, Wines of Chile, Kumala, Wines from Spain - all from 2003 - 2006

  • Sampling

    Kumala - 2003 - 2006, WOSA - 2003 - 2006, WFS - 2003 - 2006, Gastro Alfresco 2008 too many to mention, I have been full time within a sampling environment from 98 - 08

  • Security

    Umbro new shirt launch May 2009

  • Technology

    o2 Blackberry 08 o2 Accesories 09 Nokia 5800 09 Canon Camara 07

  • Acting

    Played Danny in Greece while gaining work experience in Mallorca The play was for various hotel guests. Attended a series of workshops.

  • Bar Person

    I have worked weekends as barman in local bar/nightclub in Maidstone.I know how to change barrels, pour beer and work extremely well under immense pressure. I have also run mobile wine/champagne bars

  • Car Driving License


  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    Extremely competent in Word, Excel and Outlook. I am also familiar with PowerPoint and photo shop

  • Public Speaking

    Tasting host at various events. Tour guide - summer 96 and tour guide spring 2000. Terry's Choclate Orange campaign Dec 2008

  • Qualifications

    GCSE - 7 GNVQ - Leisure & Tourism level 2 - pass NVQ - Customer Service level 2 and 3 - pass DOVE City & Guilds Business Studies - pass


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