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I'm a bright, bubbly, enthusiastic person who is well driven to achieve in life. I'm a hard worker who does not stop until a job is complete and to the highest standard possible View my contact details, availability, and stats.


Other Experience

I have completed promotional work as a storey teller to children within asda stores in my local area. I have also completed alot of work which has been based in cinemas which has meant that i have sometimes been promting a new phone or i could be promoting the new release of a film.



First language: English

Extra Information

  • Assistant Event Manager

    I assisted with the promotion of a new gardening company from the set up of the stand to ordering the supplies that we needed, to working at theexhibition.

  • Auditing

    I completed a 2 month audit for boots and managed 6 other teams to complete the audit within a specified time.

  • Conferences

    I have worked for conferences where i have directed people to their seats, organised supplies such as literature to be given out and made sure that all our supplies for the event were well stocked.

  • Costume and Character

    i have worked for kommando on a number of product sampling jobs where i have been dressed as princess fiona, a rat from ratatui, sexy santa

  • Data Capture

    i have completed market research work for a number of years where i have had to capture data using various methods of market research.

  • Demonstration

    i have demonstrated a wide range of products in store from PC world/currys to inside a cinema with samsung and LG

  • Event Management

    I have organised and ran team building events to various companies at Alton Towers and other locations. I also have experience in running a team for various projects to ensure that they run effectively and achieve it's objective.

  • Exhibitions

    I have worked at the NEC frequently for the following shows: The Good Food Show The Good Gardening Show Hair and Beauty Show Installer Live Good Gardening Show Max Power Live Paper and Printing Exhibition Ski and Snowboarding exhibition

  • Fragrance / Counter Cover

    I have promoted new fragrences in a number of stores.

  • Hospitality

    I have worked at hotels etc when they are running conferences and provided hospitality to the delegates.

  • In-store / Store approved

    I have worked within the following stores: Boots Asda Sainsburys Tesco Bank

  • Leafleting

    I have completed leafleting department stores and also in towns. I have completed leafeting at West Bromwich Football Club, Milton Keynes Shopping Centre, Asda, Sainburys.

  • Modelling

    I have completed a number of modelling and photographic projects for both company advertising and for other commercial uses. I have appeared on an advertisement which was used for hello magazine.

  • Mystery Shopping

    I have completed mysetery shopping for the following companies: selfridges Lloyds / weatherspoon Bars Burger King Mcdonalds

  • Sales

    I have worked for a windows and conservatories company where i had to produce solid leads for the sales consultants to follow up after.

  • Sampling

    I have completed sampling for the following companies: Asda Ambi pur Impulse Sanex Bella Magazine Wriggalies chewwing gum Persil

  • Car Driving License

    full clean licence

  • Computer Skills (Advanced)

    advanced computer skills in all packages

  • CRB

    Fully CRB'd so i can work with young children and vunerable adults also.

  • First Aid Certificate

    fully qualified first aider at work and paedriatric first aid

  • Health / Hygiene Cert

    Compelted on line certification for this to allow me to work with children

  • Own Transport

    i own and drive my own car

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