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I am a very proactive individual, forward thinking with excellent people skills and good negotiation and communication skills. Able to organise functions at various levels, extremely resourcefull and hands on. Very good team player, responsible and mature. Organised event at the V&A and Kenwood House. Interested in all forms of entertainment, arts, music and dance. View my contact details, availability, and stats.




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  • Assistant Event Manager

    Mystical Arts of Tibet Dance and Mandala Painting, assisted in all aspects of this event which spanned a period of 3 weeks, sourced venues, organised the requirements for the stage show, print and design of the tickets and posters, flyering, advertising, selling tickets, door coverage on the night of the event and registration.

  • Credit Card Trained

    Worked at a Farm shop in Notting Hill Gate, where we accepted credit cards over the counter, and I was trained on using the machine and cash till.

  • Data Capture

    Market research, counting how many people walked past a shop that wanted to know the number of people passing in front of them at different times of the day and different days of the week. Also registering names, numbers and emails of attendees to the above Mystical Arts event and other similar events. Doing mailshots afterwards to keep people informed of future events.

  • Demonstration

    Demonstrated make up applications, a new printer and scanner, and other items at various trades shows and exhibitions.

  • Event Management

    I have been in charge of over 10 people in both event management, catering and telemarketing /sales related work...

  • Exhibitions

    I have worked in both Property and Beauty/Health Related shows, setting up and manning the stand, attracting people to come toward us, informing them of what we did, getting their business cards or personal details, handing out information, assisting in any enquiries, demonstrating the product in some cases and establishing supplier bases.

  • Hospitality

    I have worked in 5* Hotels as a VIP Manager, meeting and greeing customers, ensuring their stay was up to the Hotel's standards and attending to their special needs and requirements during their stay. Due to my languague skills (Arabic and French) I was in charge of all Middle Eastern clients. Worked at Royal Ascot private functions, silver spoon service in charge of a group of 8 waiters and waitresses.

  • In-store / Store approved

    Have worked in a Book store and Clothes store (boutique and at Harrods in the Wedding Dress department), and have also worked in a high end Shoe shop on Bond Street, W1.

  • Leafleting

    I have a lot of experience in leafleting for various events that we were organising, inviting people to attend and encouraging them to come and bring friends. Also designed and printed the leaflets and posters, liaised with newpapers and magazines about advertising for the event, also put up the posters in relevent locations in and around London.

  • Merchandising

    Have contributed to ideas about which merchandise to use or to offer at various events, assisted in sourcing the merchandiser. We did this in relation to special times of the year, such as Christmas and Easter time. Also organised special marketing campaigns for valued customers and arranged the merchandise for that.

  • Modelling

    I have done some modelling in the past both photographic and fashion shows, for Indian and Oriental Clothes and Jewellery, also Middle Eastern and Asian shows in London in various locations.

  • Presenting

    I have presented speakers and introduced the opening speech at certain events. I have also done presentations on certain property investments and locations to highlight the benefits of investing in these places. I have also presented and demonstrated products to potential buyers or suppliers in beauty related industry. I have done a TV presenters course where we learned to ask open questions and engage a person in a discussion.

  • Sales

    I have been working in Sales for the last 15 years, in Recruitment, Software, and now Property Sales. I am a very good negotiator with good communication skills able to listen rightly to the customer. I am also able to do Sales Training and have trained up to 10 people at a time in Telemarketing and Sales related techniques.

  • Sampling

    Manned stands where we gave out samples of the product we were selling, and invited people to come and sample it. Handed out goody bags.

  • Security

    Manned the door at certain events to ensure that only those with the right tickets could come in and ensured the entrance was kept clear.

  • Bar Person

    Worked as a Bartender in Various clubs in the West End, also waitressed sometimes if we were short staffed. Have worked as a Tequila Girl also.

  • Car Driving License

    Been driving since I was 17, am very qualified and a good driver. I have driven Limousines and Luxury Cars in relation to VIP guests that I was responsible to take around town.

  • Computer Skills (Advanced)

    I have excellent computer knowledge of Excel and Word and have used various databases in software packages in the past.

  • Make Up Artist

    I can apply make up quite accurately to someone.

  • Own Transport

    I have my own car.

  • Public Speaking

    I have presented and introduced people at events where I spoke for at least 10 minutes also regarding fundraising events.

  • Roller Skating / Blading

    I have been skating on both roller blades and ice skating since I was 8 years old, am very good and proficient skater.

  • Qualifications

    3 A Levels. BSc in Physics and Management, MA in Human Resources and Training and Development.


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